Marble City Physiotherapy clinic started at home on the sitting room floor in mams house!

I spent most of my hurling days, a long time ago now, on the treatment table with a doggy hamstring. I used to explain to my managers that when you were as fast as I was the hamstrings didn’t stand a chance, and I suppose with all the different injuries I developed an interest in physio by default!

I began treating patients in the evening at home on College Rd, often rushing home from a day of physiotherapy on the wards in St. Luke’s Hospital to a busy night of doggy backs, stiff necks and wobbly knees. My abiding memory of those days was treating patients in the sitting room on an old wooden plinth that wasn’t height adjustable. At the end of the night my own back was sometimes worse than some of the patients I was treating.

Mia and myself were married in 2005 and I eventually moved out of home and the clinic moved with me. We bought our first home in Ardnore in the city here and I converted two bedrooms into two treatment rooms. Mia working upstairs and myself downstairs. It was at this time that I took the plunge and went full time at private physiotherapy and said goodbye to St Luke’s Hospital and all the great staff there. We spent 2 years working in Ardnore, and bit by bit built our practice before moving to Cootes Lane, where we spent 10 great years there. Mia stepped back from the clinic during this period, family life was starting to take on a whole new meaning with new additions Larry, Oliver, Henry, Molly Ann and finally Martin Óg.

In 2017 after years of looking for our own clinic we settled our roots in the Smithland’s Centre. We are delighted to welcome you to our new premises, with ample parking, comfortable private treatment rooms and a health studio with a variety of classes available.

Your first point of contact is Laura our clinic secretary, she is usually around the place somewhere, if its not in the kitchen having coffee, or gallivanting in Thailand, you might find her hidden somewhere behind the desk under her own unique filing system. Laura is the boss and once all of us physio’s and yourself as a patient come to recognise this basic principle, then things will go smoothly for everyone.

We have certainly been lucky here in Marble City Physiotherapy over the years to have had some wonderful physiotherapists working here with us. It was through the hard work of physiotherapists such as Karen Coughlan, Caroline O’Connell, John Hayden, Ciara Morrissey and Emer Quinn that Marble City Physiotherapy clinic is where it is.

We are delighted to have chartered physiotherapists Zara Murphy and Howard McDonnell working in the clinic today. Zara has been with us now for nearly 5 years, a Wexford girl, who never stops going. Zara is always flying around the clinic, running into the occasional door and we won’t mention the fire ever again. Zara is our Pilates and Manual Therapy expert and all-round goer. Howard is often described as the big Physio with the full head of hair, as opposed to muggins here who hasn’t a full head of hair. Howard is a local Rower Inistioge man and prides himself in his natural hurling talent and on a more serious note is our expert on all thing’s Strength and Conditioning, Rehab and Injury Prevention.

Best regards