We run Pilates classes weekly at the clinic.

Pilates is an excellent exercise tool to help you get stronger and more mobile, particularly if you’re recovering from neck or back pain. We run Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes regularly.

Pilates classes are highly specialised, personal core stability programs which are conducted by our experienced physiotherapists who are fully trained in clinical Pilates.

The classes will be modified to suit your needs and are a safe and effective exercise method that can improve your posture, core stability, pelvic floor function and improve your athletic performance.

Many of our clients feel it is the best way to let off some steam and improve their overall function.

Why choose MCP for your Pilates?

The classes we run are designed and led by a Chartered Physiotherapist, so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands. There are a maximum of 15 participants in each class so close supervision and instruction is easy. We try to group participants in to groups of similar ability and each class is tailored to the participants- no recipes here!

We run classes Monday to Friday. Get in touch to find a class that suits you.

We run beginners, intermediate and advanced level classes. Contact us with your name and number and we’ll get you into a class that suits you as soon as possible.